About Prakti Yoga

“Pra” = beginning and “Krti” = creation. My favorite translations interprets Prakrti as the natural condition or state of anything. In individuals, Prakrti is one’s underlying characteristic, physical, and mental constitution and tendencies of expression.
Prakrti is comprised of eight elements: earth, water, fire, air, space, mind, intellect, and ego and characterized by three gunas. As they pertain to human physiology, they are called doshas. The balance or imbalance of these doshas defines the prakrti or nature of one’s body. When all of the above are balanced and in perfect harmony, an individual finds peace and ease within their own TRUE Nature. 
Universally Prakriti is thought to be the feminine counterpart to the masculine Purusa. While Purusa is the undifferentiated absolute, the foundation. Prakriti is creative energy of this absolute. To put it simply, Purusa and Prakrti are both present in the Universal Spirit. Purusa plants an idea for creation, but it takes the creative feminine power of Prakrti to bring that idea into fruition. 
So, what does all that have to do with anything? Prakrti is what has brought me here, to connect with you, in response to Spirit’s calling to share my passion for all things yoga.


Love & Light,